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File extensions start with character 'A'

File Type Category File Format
.a Development Files Static Library
.a00 Archive Files ALZip Second Split Archive File
.a2m Audio Files AdLib Tracker 2 File
.a2theme Configuration Files Aston 2 Theme File
.a3l Data Files Authorware 3 Library
.a3m Data Files Authorware 3 Macintosh File
.a3w Data Files Authorware 3 Windows File
.a4l Data Files Authorware 4 Library
.a4m Data Files Authorware 4 Macintosh File
.a4w Data Files Authorware 4 Windows File
.a52 Game Files Atari 5200 ROM
.a5l Data Files Authorware 5 Library
.a5w Web Files Alpha Five Webpage File
.a65 Data Files Authorware 6.5 File
.aa Audio Files Audible Audio Book File
.aa3 Audio Files ATRAC Audio File
.aac Audio Files Advanced Audio Coding File
.aam Data Files Authorware Map File
.aax Audio Files Audible Enhanced Audiobook File
.ab Backup Files Android ADB Backup File
.ab1 Data Files DNA Electropherogram File
.ab2 Data Files Print Shop Address Book File
.ab3 Data Files PhotoImpact 3 Album File
.aba Backup Files Palm Address Book Archive
.abbu Backup Files Address Book Backup
.abc Audio Files ABC Music Notation
.abcd Data Files AudioVisual Book Data File
.abdata Data Files Adobe Bridge Data File
.abf Backup Files Analysis Services Backup File
.abi Data Files DNA Chromatogram File
.abk Backup Files Automatic Backup File
.abkprj Data Files Ashampoo Backup Project
.abm Raster Graphics Files Photo Album
.abp Data Files AVS Barcode Profile
.abr Multiple Use Files Adobe Photoshop Brushes File
.abs Data Files Absolute Database File
.abs Game Files AB SuDoKu Saved Game
.abw Text Files AbiWord Document
.aby Data Files AOL Address Book File
.ac3 Audio Files Audio Codec 3 File
.aca Data Files Agent Character Animation File
.acc Data Files Graphics Accounts Data File
.accda Plug-in Files Access Add-in File
.accdb Microsoft Access Files Access 2007 Database File
.accde Microsoft Access Files Access Execute Only Database
.accdt Database Files Microsoft Access Database Template
.accountpicture-ms Raster Graphics Files Windows 8 Account Picture File
.acd Audio Files ACID Project File
.acd-bak Audio Files Sony ACID Project Backup File
.acd-zip Audio Files Sony ACID Project With Embedded Media File
.ace Compressed Files WinAce Compressed File
.acf Filter Files Steam Application Cache File
.acf Data Files Agent Character Data File
.acg Data Files Agent Preview File
.acl Partially Downloaded Files AutoCorrect List File
.acm Audio Files Interplay Audio File
.aco Configuration Files Adobe Photoshop Color Swatch File
.acp Backup Files Alfresco Content Package
.acs Partially Downloaded Files Agent Character File
.act Adobe Files ADPCM Compressed Audio File
.act 3D Graphics Files Genesis3D Actor File
.ad3 Audio Files Adaptive PCM Sound Voice File
.ada Development Files Ada Source Code
.adb Database Files Alpha Five Database File
.adb Development Files Ada Body File
.adf Data Files ESRI ArcInfo Binary Grid Format
.adg Audio Files Ableton Device Group
.adi Backup Files Active@ Disk Image Backup File
.adm System Files Administrative Template File
.adn Database Files Access Blank Project Template
.ads Development Files Ada Specification File
.adt Data Files ACT! Document Template
.adts Audio Files Audio Data Transport Stream File
.adu Data Files Addict User Dictionary File
.adv Device Driver Files Nortek Acoustic Doppler Velocimeter File
.adx Database Files Approach Index File
.aec Digital Video Files Cinema 4D After Effects Composition
.aep Digital Video Files After Effects Project
.afc Audio Files Mass Effect 2 Audio File
.afe Data Files Avid File Exchange File
.afl Font Files Adobe Font Metrics File
.afp Document Files Advanced Function Presentation File
.aft Data Files Family Tree Database
.agd Data Files AgileGraph Data File
.aggr Data Files Adobe Captivate Aggregate File
.agm Audio Files DTS Multi-channel Pro Packer File
.ahk Program Execution Files AutoHotkey Script
.ai Vector Graphics Files Adobe Illustrator File
.aif Audio Files Audio Interchange File Format
.aifb Data Files AIF Builder Project File
.aifc Audio Files Compressed Audio Interchange File
.aiff Audio Files Audio Interchange File Format
.aim Text Files AIMMS ASCII Model File
.air Program Execution Files Adobe AIR Installation Package
.ais Raster Graphics Files ACDSee Image Sequence File
.ais Data Files HP NewWave Cardfile Application Data File
.aiv Data Files AIVault Data File
.akp Audio Files Akai Sampler File
.al Audio Files A-Law Compressed Sound Format
.alac Audio Files ALAC Encoded Audio File
.alaw Audio Files A-Law Compressed Sound Format
.alb Development Files Alpha Five Library
.alc Audio Files Ableton Live Clip File
.ald Data Files Dynamics AX Application Label Data File
.alf Data Files ACT! Lookup File
.alg Audio Files Cubase Multi Track Song File
.ali SAP Document Files Dynamics AX Label Index File
.all Audio Files Cubasis Project File
.als Audio Files Ableton Live Set File
.alt Partially Downloaded Files Dynamics AX Temporary File
.alz Compressed Files ALZip Archive
.amb Data Files AIMMS Model File
.amf Audio Files Advanced Module File
.amg Audio Files Ambisonics Soundfile Information Chunk File
.aml HTML Files Microsoft Windows Vista Online Help File
.amr Compressed Audio Files Adaptive Multi-Rate Codec File
.ams Configuration Files Adobe Monitor Setup file
.ams Vector Graphics Files NeroMix Image File
.amsorm Data Files OnLine Ringman Auction Client File
.amu Data Files PictureGear Studio Photo Album File
.amxd Audio Files Ableton Max Patch File
.an1 Data Files Street Atlas USA Draw File
.an8 Animation Files Anim8or File
.ani Graphics Files Windows Animated Cursor
.anme Data Files Anime Studio Document
.ans Text Files ANSI Text File
.anx Data Files HotDocs Answer File
.aob Audio Files DVD-Audio Audio Object File
.aol Partially Downloaded Files America Online File
.ap Web Files Active Page
.ape Winamp Files Monkey's Audio Lossless Audio File
.apf Partially Downloaded Files Adobe Profile File
.aph Data Files Ability Album File
.apk Program Execution Files Android Package File
.apl Audio Files Monkey's Audio Track Information File
.apl GIS Files ArcPad Layer File
.apnx Amazon eBook Files Amazon Page Number Index File
.app Program Execution Files Mac OS X Application
.ar Compressed Files Unix Static Library
.ar7 Archive Files AR7 Archive File
.arc Backup Files Symbian OS Backup File
.arch00 Game Archive Files F.E.A.R. Game Archive
.arh Compressed Files ProTool Compressed Project File
.aria Audio Files Chipsounds Sound File
.ariax Audio Files Chipsounds XML Sound File
.arsc Development Files Android Package Resource File
.art Raster Graphics Files AOL Compressed Image File
.as Development Files ActionScript File
.asc Development Files ActionScript Communication File
.ascii Text Files ASCII Text File
.ascx ASP Files ASP.NET User Control File
.asd Backup Files Word AutoSave File
.ase Configuration Files Adobe Swatch Exchange File
.asec Mobile Files Android Secure Application File
.asf Video Files Advanced Systems Format File
.ashbak Backup Files Ashampoo Backup Archive
.ashprj Data Files Ashampoo Burning Studio Project
.ashx ASP Files ASP.NET Web Handler File
.asm Development Files Assembly Language Source Code File
.asnd Data Files Adobe Sound Document
.asp Web Files Active Server Page
.aspx ASP Files Active Server Page Extended File
.asr Web Files ActionScript Remote Document
.ass Multiple Use Files Aegisub Advanced Substation Alpha File
.ast Configuration Files Adobe Color Separations Table
.ast Spreadsheet Files Ability Spreadsheet Template
.asw Raster Graphics Files ACDSee Slideshow Wizard File
.at3 Audio Files ATRAC3 Audio File
.atf Data Files Axon Text File
.atn Configuration Files Photoshop Actions File
.atrac Audio Files Sony ATRAC Audio File
.ats Data Files Advanced ETL Transformation Script
.aty Text Files Association Type Placeholder
.au Audio Files Audio File
.au3 Development Files AutoIt v3 Script
.aud Audio Files Video Game Compressed Audio File
.aud Audio Files DTS Multi Channel Audio File
.aup Audio Files Audacity Project File
.ava Adobe Files AvaaBook eBook
.avastlic Multiple Use Files Avast! License File
.avc Data Files Kaspersky Virus Database
.avhd Microsoft Files Hyper-V SnapShot File
.avi Digital Video Files Audio Video Interleave File
.avj Data Files AntiVir Job File
.avl GIS Files ArcView Legend File
.avp Video Files Avid Project File
.avr Audio Files Audio Visual Research File
.avs Configuration Files Avid Project Preferences File
.aw Data Files Answer Wizard File
.awb Audio Files AMR-WB Audio File
.awdb Data Files Access Walker Database File
.awg Data Files Activeworlds Object Group File
.awm Web Files AllWebMenus Project File
.awp Text Files Ability Write Template
.awt Text Files AbiWord Template
.aww Document Files Ability Write Document
.ax Filter Files DirectShow Filter
.axd ASP Files ASP.NET Web Handler File
.axm Video Files AXMEDIS Object
.axx Encrypted Files AxCrypt Encrypted File
.ay Audio Files AY Chiptune File
.azw eBook Files Amazon Kindle eBook File
.azw1 eBook Files Amazon Topaz eBook
.azw3 Amazon eBook Files Amazon KF8 eBook File
.azw4 Amazon eBook Files Amazon Print Replica eBook
.azz Data Files AZZ Cardfile Database File