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format file aby

What is an aby file and how do I open an aby file?

Files affixed with the ABY extension are defined as AOL directory files commonly implemented as an AOL address book resource that is used by the AOL application. These ABY files basically hold AOL address book details and the personal screen name among other account details linked to the user and the AOL service. These ABY files can store data when a user enters pieces of relevant information through the set of features integrated into the AOL application even when offline. When users open the AOL address book, the application normally requires Intellisync, which is a program provided as freeware by AOL, and this applet allows cross-platform operations of the AOL software and its support components, making it more accessible to a broader user base. Among the main features of the ABY file format is its ability to implement maintenance operations for updating and organizing calendar records, mobile numbers, email addresses and other vital information with its calendar functions.

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Detail aby file extension information:
File Type: aby
File Format: AOL Address Book File
Primary Association: Data Files