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format file a5w

What is an a5w file and how do I open an a5w file?

Rapid Application Development software is a program designed to provide developers with an efficient means of creating Web applications compatible with widely used Web browsers for Microsoft Windows-based systems, Mac environments, Linux platforms and mobile OS versions. The Alpha 5 software is an example of a Rapid Application Development program, and this software uses files with the .a5w extension. The A5W extension is used when saving an application developed using Alpha 5 as a program installed in a Web server. Upon installing these A5W files in a compatible Web server, client-side applications for viewing content on the Internet, such as Web browsers, can be used to access the content and the functionalities programmed by users into the A5W application using the Alpha 5 software. Proprietary syntax called Alpha 5, developed by Alpha Software (also the developer of the Alpha 5 software), serves as a Web application syntax used in creating these A5W files, and these Web applications are similar to Web software developed using PHP or ASP. These A5W Web applications may look like standard Web pages, but with dynamic content like forms of different types. Web applications that can be created and saved in the A5W format using Alpha 5 can perform as well as desktop-based software.

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Alpha Software Alpha Five
Any text editor
Detail a5w file extension information:
File Type: a5w
File Format: Alpha Five Webpage File
Primary Association: Web Files