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format file azw1

What is an azw1 file and how do I open an azw1 file?

Data files are not only used by applications, but also by the OS and firmware of external devices that can be connected to a computer running on a supported OS, or digital gadgets with associated software that can be installed and used in these supported systems. Amazon Kindle book reader devices and the Amazon Kindle Reader software use files appended with the .apw1 extension. Also known as Amazon Topaz ebook files, these AZW1 files are used to organize and manage downloaded parts of segments of Amazon Kindle ebook files from the 3G Whispernet network of Amazon. The Amazon Kindle software can be installed in a Microsoft Windows-based system to implement support for these AZW1 files and the associated features integrated into the application, while there are also versions of this program for Mac environments. These applications can be used to start downloading and viewing the content of these Amazon Kindle books. Since the Amazon Kindle application provides support for AZW1 files and can also be installed in these two most widely used systems, users can easily create and properly share Kindle books.

Mac OS
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Amazon Kindle for PC
Amazon Kindle for Mac
Detail azw1 file extension information:
File Type: azw1
File Format: Amazon Topaz eBook
Primary Association: eBook Files