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format file aggr

What is an aggr file and how do I open an aggr file?

Certain types of data files can be used for the combination of other output files, while there are data file types which can also be converted to a desired distributable format after combining the data stored in multiple data files. Files with the AGG extension are examples of a data file integrated with the functionalities of combining data from different supported files and converting these combined pieces of data into a single file with the .swf extension. Also called Adobe Captivate aggregate files, these AGGR files can also be stored in a distributable EXE file after the combination of data from multiple supported file sources. Users can install the Adobe Captivate program into their Microsoft Windows-based systems to start creating, opening or modifying the content of these AGGR files. Version 6 of the Adobe Captivate program, also developed by Adobe Systems, can be used in Mac platforms. This means users of Microsoft Windows-based platforms and Mac environments can share output files and these .aggr files for groupware collaboration.

Mac OS
Recommended aggr file download:
Adobe Captivate 6
Adobe Captivate 6
Detail aggr file extension information:
File Type: aggr
File Format: Adobe Captivate Aggregate File
Primary Association: Data Files