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format file abp

What is an abp file and how do I open an abp file?

UPC barcode files can be created using the AVS Barcode Source software, and this application from AVS (Alver Valley Software) uses files with the .abp extension as data files for referencing when required. Upon user request to access features of a barcode file associated with these ABP files, the AVS Barcode Source software locates the corresponding ABP file and retrieves the data stored in the file. These pieces of data may include the size and format used to save the barcode file. Print options entered by the barcode file creator among other relevant source data may also be stored in these ABP files. These ABP files are also called AVS Barcode Profile files and can be used with the AVS Barcode Source software to generate a snapshot of the barcode image, which can be saved in the BMP format. The AVS Barcode Source application can be installed in a user's Microsoft Windows-based system to implement support for these ABP files. This application, aside from providing users with the ability to use files with the .abp extension, also supports many barcode formats, including Code 128, EAN 13, Code 39 (extended mode) and Code 39 among others.

Recommended abp file download:
AVS Barcode Source
Detail abp file extension information:
File Type: abp
File Format: AVS Barcode Profile
Primary Association: Data Files
Mime Type: text/plain