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format file ats

What is an ats file and how do I open an ats file?

Advanced ETL Processor uses the code stored in a file with the .ats extension as a script for some of the features integrated into this program. The Advanced ETL Processor application is software developed by DB Software Laboratory, and this program is classified as data conversion and integration software. The Advanced ETL Processor can be used to integrate data from a wide variety of sources and export the collected data into other formats. The different types of data sources that can be used by the Advanced ETL Processor application include data stored in a .txt, .csv or .xls file among other text and data files saved in different formats. The Graphical User Interface (GUI) of the Advanced ETL Processor application offers a section that can be used to conveniently add and edit rules or transformation instructions for the data entered by the user, and visual editing can also be done through the data flow diagram provided by the application. Data that can be used for integration and transformation projects with the Advanced ETL Processor may also be from MS SQL Server and MySQL among other databases.

Recommended ats file download:
DB Software Laboratory Advanced ETL Processor
Detail ats file extension information:
File Type: ats
File Format: Advanced ETL Transformation Script
Primary Association: Data Files