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format file ams

What is an ams file and how do I open an ams file?

The AMS file extension is a data format associated to Adobe Photoshop Settings. AMS files is also known as Adobe Monitor Setup file. These files contain calibration settings of the monitor and information on how the program converts colors between modes. They are also accountable for the target gamma and white point factors effect on the display. They are used for calibrating how colors are displayed in the monitor. Before calibration, it is also important to check on screen resolution, color monitors should be set to highest resolution. An AMS file can be installed into Adobe Photoshop by copying the specific AMS file to the Photoshop directory. Then by selecting the Colour Settings from the Monitor Set up then loading the specified AMS file. Other factors such as adjustment settings, monitor aging, and accuracies of scanner and printer can also affect desired results. Files in AMS format can be opened with Adobe Photoshop CS6 in Mac Os and Microsoft Windows-based systems.

Mac OS
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Adobe Photoshop CS6
Adobe Photoshop CS6
Detail ams file extension information:
File Type: ams
File Format: Adobe Monitor Setup file
Primary Association: Configuration Files
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