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format file awp

What is an awp file and how do I open an awp file?

An AWP file is a template used and created by Ability Plus Software. It is a word processing application found in Ability’s Office Suite released. Its forte is more on memo templates and letterheads useful in companies. The Office suite is composed primarily of a spreadsheet application, a word processing tool, Communications and database tools. The development of office suite began in the year 1994 wherein a decision was made by the company to replace its current use of a DOS based package known as Ability Plus. The company released on the following year a new version called ability for Windows which contains a spreadsheet and word processing. The 1998 released version was named Ability Office 98 whose framework was based on Object Windows Library and later changed to Microsoft Foundation Class Library. This action has made Ability Office 98 work better together with a new database called Microsoft Jet Database Engine. Additional modules were later on introduced which lead to a much improved office suite especially on word processing application.

Recommended awp file download:
Ability Office
Detail awp file extension information:
File Type: awp
File Format: Ability Write Template
Primary Association: Text Files