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File extensions start with character 'G'

File Type Category File Format
.gadget Program Execution Files Windows Gadget
.gal Data Files GenePix Array List File
.gallery Data Files SMART Notebook Gallery File
.galleryco Data Files SMART Notebook Gallery Collection File
.galleryit Data Files SMART Notebook Gallery Item File
.gam Game Files Saved Game File
.gan Data Files GanttProject Project File
.gar Development Files GridGain Archive
.gau Multiple Use Files Flight Simulator Gauge File
.gb Game Files Game Boy ROM File
.gba Game Files Game Boy Advance ROM
.gbc Game Files Game Boy Color ROM
.gbr Data Files Gerber File
.gbx CAD Files Gerber PCB File
.gc Game Files Galactic Conquest Saved Game
.gca Compressed Files GCA File Archive
.gcf Game Files Game Cache File
.gct Game Files Ocarina Cheat Code Manager File
.gcw Data Files Microsoft Mathematics Worksheet
.gcx Data Files Grapher Graph File
.gcz Archive Files Compressed GameCube/Wii ROM
.gdoc Google Files Google Drive Document
.ged Data Files GEDCOM Genealogy Data File
.gedcom Data Files GEDCOM Genealogy File
.gen Configuration Files Sega Genesis ROM
.gen Data Files ArcView ARC/INFO UnGenerate file
.gexf Data Files Graph Exchange XML Format File
.gfp Digital Video Files GreenForce-Player Protected Media File
.ggb Data Files GeoGebra Document
.gho Backup Files Norton Ghost Backup File
.gi Disk Image Files Global Image
.gif Raster Graphics Files Graphical Interchange Format File
.gio Audio Files Adagio Score
.gis Data Files CFS Console Game Installer Settings File
.gitignore Development Files Git Ignore File
.gld Development Files MPLAB C Compiler Linker Script File
.gls Data Files Babylon Glossary File
.gm81 Development Files Game Maker 8.1 Project File
.gmap Configuration Files Garmin Map File
.gms Data Files Gesture and Motion Signal File
.gmspr Raster Graphics Files Game Maker Sprite File
.gno Data Files GenoPro Genealogy Tree File
.gnp Data Files GNPeak Output File
.gp3 Project Files Guitar Pro 3 File
.gp5 Adobe Files Guitar Pro 5 Tablature File
.gpd Raster Graphics Files Graphic PhotoDefiner Image File
.gpf eBook Files GRAVITY Ragnarok Online Patch File
.gpi Data Files Garmin Point of Interest File
.gpj Data Files Grapher Project File
.gpk Compressed Files WaveLab Audio Peak File
.gpn Text Files GlidePlan Map Document
.gpr Data Files GenePix Results File
.gpx eBook Files GPS Exchange File
.gra Data Files Microsoft Graph File
.grade Data Files GradeStat Document
.graphml Data Files GraphML File
.graphmlz Data Files Zip Compressed GraphML File
.grd Configuration Files Photoshop Gradient File
.grf Drawing Files DPlot Graph File
.grib Data Files Gridded Binary File
.grk Data Files Gradekeeper Class Gradebook File
.gro Raster Graphics Files Graphic Object Bitmap
.grp Game Files StarCraft Graphics Group File
.grr Data Files Gradekeeper Class Roster File
.grt Data Files Grapher Template
.grv Data Files Office Groove File
.gs Development Files Google Apps Script
.gsd Text Files General Station Description File
.gsheet Spreadsheet Files Google Drive Spreadsheet
.gslides Google Files Google Drive Presentation
.gsp Project Files IMail Error Message File
.gstencil Vector Graphics Files OmniGraffle Stencil
.gtar Data Files GNU Tar Archive
.gthr Text Files Gather Log File
.gtp Data Files Guitar Pro File
.gui Data Files Dr.Explain Project File
.gv Language Defnition Files Graphviz DOT File
.gwk Data Files GraphiCode PCB Job File
.gxl Data Files Graph Exchange Language File
.gz Compressed Files Gnu Zipped Archive
.gza Compressed Files IZArc BGA Archive File
.gzi Compressed Files Unix Gzip File
.gzip Compressed Files Gnu Zipped File