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format file amb

What is an amb file and how do I open an amb file?

Files containing the AMB extension are known as AIMMS Model Files as they refer to the models that the AIMMS (Advanced Integrated Multidimensional Modeling Software) created. The AMB file extension was developed by Paragon Decision Technology and the files with this extension are categorized as data files. The data that these AMB files contain are procedures, identifier declarations as well as core model functions. These files are also based on AIMMS modeling proprietary language wherein these files are saved with the AIMMS project (.PRJ) file it is associated with. AMB files are opened with Paragon AIMMS, an application considered as advanced development environment wherein it is used to build operations research applications based on optimization as well as for advanced planning systems. Numerous companies find this software useful when it comes to decision making. The AMB files created by this software have a text version and these text versions can be exported as .AIM files.

Recommended amb file download:
Paragon AIMMS or AIMMS Viewer
Paragon AIMMS or AIMMS Viewer
Detail amb file extension information:
File Type: amb
File Format: AIMMS Model File
Primary Association: Data Files