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File extensions start with character 'C'

File Type Category File Format
.c Development Files C/C++ Source Code File
.c00 Archive Files WinAce Split Archive File
.c01 Archive Files WinAce Split Archive Part 1 File
.c01 Audio Files Typhoon Wave Audio File
.c2d Disk Image Files WinOnCD Disc Image
.c32 Archive Files Syslinux COM32 Module
.c4d 4D File Format Files Cinema 4D Model File
.cab Windows Cabinet Files Windows Cabinet File
.cache Multiple Use Files Cache File
.caf Audio Files Core Audio File
.capx Development Files Construct Compressed Project File
.car Archive Files Car Explorer Data File
.cas Multiple Use Files Autodesk Cascade License File
.cat Auto CAD Files Windows Catalog File
.catpart CAD Files CATIA V5 Part File
.cav Data Files Comodo Virus Definitions File
.cba Basic Files Comic Book ACE Archive
.cbr Comic Book Archive Files Comic Book RAR Archive
.cbz Comic Book Archive Files Comic Book Zip Archive
.cca Data Files Multimedia Fusion File
.ccd Description Files CloneCD Disc Image
.ccip Protocol Files Curse Client Install Package
.ccp Data Files RIB Import Converter Profile
.ccr Data Files ASTM Continuity of Care Record
.cct Database Files Director Protected Cast Resource
.cda Audio Files CD Audio Track Shortcut
.cdb Database Files Symbian Phonebook Database
.cdd Vector Graphics Files ConceptDraw PRO Document
.cdda Audio Files CD Digital Audio File
.cdf Page Layout Files Computable Document Format File
.cdf-ms Multiple Use Files ClickOnce Compiled Manifest File
.cdmz Vector Graphics Files Compressed ConceptDraw MINDMAP Document
.cdp Report Files Trainz Simulator Content Dispatcher Pack
.cdpx Data Files ConceptDraw PROJECT XML File
.cdpz Data Files ConceptDraw PROJECT Document
.cdr Vector Graphics Files CorelDRAW Image File
.cdt Configuration Files CorelDRAW Image Template
.cdw CAD Files KOMPAS Document
.cdx CorelDRAW Files Compound Index File
.cdxml XML Files ChemDraw XML File
.cel Adobe Files Affymetrix Probe Results File
.celtx Project Files Celtx Project File
.cfa Audio Files Adobe Conformed Audio File
.cfg Configuration Files Configuration File
.cfr Report Files Cross Fire Replay File
.cfs Configuration Files Compact File Set Archive
.cfxr Audio Files Cocoa Sfxr File
.cgf Data Files Crytek Geometry Format File
.cgr CAD Files CATIA Graphical Representation File
.charset Text Files Character Set
.chg System Files Windows Net Logon File
.chk Multiple Use Files Saved File Fragment
.chm Microsoft Files Compiled HTML Help File
.chn Data Files Ethnograph Data
.chord Text Files Song Chords File
.cidb Audio Files iTunes CD Information File
.civ5save Game Files Civilization 5 Saved Gae
.ckp Database Files SQL Server Checkpoint File
.ckt Data Files CircuitMaker File
.cl2 Data Files HY-TEK Meet Results File
.cl4 Data Files Easy CD Creator 4 Project File
.class Development Files Java Class File
.clb System Files COM+ Catalog File
.cleo Mod Files CLEO Grand Theft Auto Mod File
.clg Configuration Files Windows Catalog File
.clix Data Files CLIX Command File
.clm Data Files MagicJack Call Log File
.clp Data Files Windows Clipboard File
.clr Multiple Use Files Flash Color Set
.clx Data Files Standard Dictionary File
.cmap Data Files CmapTools Concept Map File
.cmbl Data Files Logger Pro Data File
.cmf CorelDRAW Files Cal3D Binary Mesh File
.cmf Audio Files Creative Music Format
.cml Data Files Chemical Markup Language File
.cmp Backup Files HotDocs Clause Component File
.cms Data Files Connection Manager Service Profile
.cmx Vector Graphics Files Corel Metafile Exchange Image File
.cn1 Data Files CNR Modem Initialization Data File
.cna Data Files Catena Project File
.cng Encrypted Files CryptoNG Encrypted Archive
.cob Development Files COBOL Source Code File
.cod Development Files Compiled Source Code
.com Program Execution Files DOS Command File
.comicdoc Page Layout Files Comic Life Document
.component Apple Files Mac OS X System Component
.conf Configuration Files Unix Configuration File
.config Development Files Configuration File
.contact Microsoft Files Windows Contact File
.copy Audio Files Sony Ericsson Protected Content File
.cos Configuration Files Capture One Settings File
.cov Page Layout Files Fax Cover Page File
.cpbitmap Raster Graphics Files iOS Wallpaper Image
.cpd CorelDRAW Files RoboHelp Cache Project Database
.cpf Data Files Cognos Project File
.cpgz Compressed Files Compressed CPIO Archive
.cpi Digital Video Files AVCHD Video Clip Information File
.cpk Package Files DTM Test Log File
.cpl Windows System Files Windows Control Panel Item
.cpmz Data Files Miradi/ConPro Project File
.cpp Development Files C++ Source Code File
.cpr Audio Files Cubase Project
.cpt Raster Graphics Files Corel Photo-Paint Document
.cpt Audio Files DTS Compact Audio File
.cptl Data Files Adobe Captivate Project Template File
.cptx Data Files Adobe Captivate Project File
.cr2 Camera Photo Files Canon Raw Image File
.crdownload Multiple Use Files Chrome Partially Downloaded File
.crev Data Files Adobe Captivate Commentable SWF File
.crtx Data Files Office 2007 Chart Template File
.crwl Text Files Windows Crawl File
.crx Google Files Chrome Extension
.cry Data Files CryENGINE Map File
.cs Development Files Visual C# Source Code File
.csa Data Files PNA Code Calset File
.csd Page Layout Files Compact Shared Document
.csh Multiple Use Files Photoshop Custom Shapes File
.cso ISO Files Compressed ISO Disk Image
.csv Data Files Comma Separated Values File
.ct Printer Files Cheat Engine Cheat Table
.ctf Partially Downloaded Files AVG Update Control File
.ctg Multiple Use Files Canon Digital Camera Catalog File
.ctl Development Files Visual Basic UserControl Object File
.ctm Data Files CrazyTalk Model File
.ctt Data Files Messenger Contact List
.ctv Data Files Citavi Project
.ctv3 Data Files Citavi 3 Project File
.ctx Microsoft Files Valve ICE Encoded Script
.cub Data Files Analysis Services Cube File
.cue Description Files Cue Sheet File
.cur Windows System Files Windows Cursor
.cursorfx Data Files CursorFX Theme File
.curxptheme Theme Files CursorXP Theme File
.cva Configuration Files HP Systems Software Manager Information File
.cvd Data Files ClamAV Virus Definitions File
.cvn Data Files CineVision Encoding Session
.cwk Data Files ClarisWorks Document
.cwp Audio Files Cakewalk SONAR Project
.cws Text Files Claris Works Template
.cwz Data Files Circuit Wizard File
.cxt Adobe Files Director Protected Cast File
.cyi Text Files Clustify Input File
.cyo Data Files Clustify Output File