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format file acs

What is an acs file and how do I open an acs file?

Files in the ACS format is defined as Microsoft Agent Character files that contain illustrations of the animated character produced through the Microsoft Agent technology. This file format was created by Microsoft with the use of animated characters, speech recognition functionalities and text-to-speech tools. This software is bundled with Windows 2000 and newer versions of Microsoft Windows. This applet is implemented as an ActiveX control within the Windows system, which can be execute in relation to Web pages that contain these animated characters and the applications that are used to view those Web pages. These animated characters can also be accessed through the suite of applications included in Microsoft Office. The content of these ACS files can only be edited through the Microsoft Agent Editor application.

Recommended acs file download:
Microsoft Agent
Microsoft Agent Character Editor
Detail acs file extension information:
File Type: acs
File Format: Agent Character File
Primary Association: Partially Downloaded Files