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format file aiv

What is an aiv file and how do I open an aiv file?

An AIVault data file can be created using the AIVault application, and when saving these data files, the .aiv extension is the default format used for output files created with this application. These AIV data files contain text content referred to as memos or comments entered by the user of the AIVault program for a project created by the user. The AIVault application references the data stored in these AIV files when the user opens the AIV file to view its content or for editing purposes. The AIVault software is a program used to enter memos or reminders in text format, and the features integrated into this application provide users with a more convenient means of organizing, tracking and managing these memos. EllaZ Systems developed the AIValut application for users of computers running on Microsoft Windows. The content of these AIV files are encoded in binary format, and files with the .aiv extension can usually be found in a folder labeled "Memos" inside the directory where the application and its associated files were saved upon program installation.

Recommended aiv file download:
EllaZ Systems AIVault
Detail aiv file extension information:
File Type: aiv
File Format: AIVault Data File
Primary Association: Data Files