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format file asd

What is an asd file and how do I open an asd file?

The ASD file extension is a data format associated to Microsoft Word. ASD files and Microsoft Word were developed by Microsoft. These files contain a snapshot or backup copy of the currently opened Word document. These files are also known as AutoRecover files and would attempt to load the latest version of the document. AutoRecover is only effective for unplanned disruptions like as a power outage or a crash. These files can be located in the following directories: WindowsVista/7: [user]AppDataRoamingMicrosoftWord and Windows XP: [user]Application DataMicrosoftWord.To open an ASD file, choose File then Open, select "All Files (*.*)" in the File type list, and then choose the ASD file. When creating a document it is important to enable the autosave and autorecover options and specify the minute time required. The default AutoSave period is 10 minutes. Files in ASD format can be opened with Microsoft Word 2010 in Microsoft Windows based Systems.

Recommended asd file download:
Microsoft Word 2013
Detail asd file extension information:
File Type: asd
File Format: Word AutoSave File
Primary Association: Backup Files