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format file awg

What is an awg file and how do I open an awg file?

Digital game development tools use certain types of data files, and an example of files saved in a data file format used by a particular game creation software is an AWG project output file. The Activeworlds application is classified as digital virtual reality game development software, and this program uses the content of these AWG files as references. The content of an AWG file contains objects entered by the author of the digital game with the use of Accessworlds. The AWG file format is also implemented with the function of allowing the project output file to simultaneously open multiple groups of objects stored in the associated .awg file. Activeworlds developed this virtual reality game design program and can be used to create interactive content in 3D and 2D environments which can be published on the Internet. Users of Microsoft Windows-based systems can install the Activeworlds software and begin accessing the 2D and 3D game design features available in the application and implemented into the AWG file format.

Recommended awg file download:
Web browser with Activeworlds Browser plugin
Detail awg file extension information:
File Type: awg
File Format: Activeworlds Object Group File
Primary Association: Data Files