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format file aud

What is an aud file and how do I open an aud file?

The AUD file extension is a data format used for AUD compressed audio files or sound clips. AUD files were developed by Westwood Studios. They are used in computer games like Command & Conquer, Red Alert, and Sierra's Laura Bow 2: The Dagger of Amon Ra. They are used to signify audio files created by Westwood Studios like sound effects and musical score. They are stored in a compressed format and are most often applied in computer games. They used two compression ways: IMA-ADPCM compression and 8-bit audio files compression. The first compression involves compressing a 16-bit piece of information to 4 bits about 75% compression rates. They occupy very little data space and still offer quality realistic sound. They can be converted to MP3, WAV and other audio format. Files in AUD format can be opened with NICE Systems NICE Media Player or Winamp Aud Plugin in Microsoft Windows based systems.

Recommended aud file download:
NICE Systems NICE Media Player
Detail aud file extension information:
File Type: aud
File Format: Video Game Compressed Audio File
Primary Association: Audio Files
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