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format file crwl

What is a crwl file and how do I open a crwl file?

CRWL files are extension files created when you search using windows. Developed by Microsoft Corporation, it includes files with data that were sought in the indexing process and can be opened by any text editor. Saving this kind of file is normally accompanied by another file extension called .GTHR and categorized as Text file. This is also the result brought by Microsoft Exchange, an email server program released for Windows and intended for use as distributor of service from clients who requested for a function like web access, database access and email exchange. There are various types of servers with specific functions. Among them are Print Servers wherein a printer is connected to a user’s computer and accepts print jobs, Terminal Servers that permit devices to connect to a local area network or LAN, Mail Servers in which mail transfer application enables transfer of messages between two or more computers

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Detail crwl file extension information:
File Type: crwl
File Format: Windows Crawl File
Primary Association: Text Files