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format file c32

What is a c32 file and how do I open a c32 file?

C32 is a file used by the Syslinux, a lightweight bootloader for the Linux operating system. The SYSLINUX Project, the work of H.Peter Anvin, is a suite of lightweight IBM PC MBR bootloaders for starting up computers with the Linux kernel. It stores a 32-bit COMBOOT module that runs low-level functions such as detecting and setting up hardware during the boot process; often found on Linux installation discs and bootable external media. COM32 modules are written in C using the Syslinux COMBOOT API. Once compiled, C32 files store 32-bit executable code in a raw binary format.

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Detail c32 file extension information:
File Type: c32
File Format: Syslinux COM32 Module
Primary Association: Archive Files