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format file cfxr

What is a cfxr file and how do I open a cfxr file?

The CFXR file extension is a data format associated to "Cocoa SFXR", a Mac sound effects program. CFXR files were developed by Joachim Bengtsson. These are files that contain sound information such as attack time, sustain time, decay time, vibrato, phaser offsets, and filters. These files are often used for storing sound effects for video games in XML format. They were ported from the original SFXR Windows program and have the ability to export to WAV format like SFXR. The freeware program randomly generates the levels across various sound settings each time the user selects a new sound. According to the creator of the program, it was primarily created to provide a simple means of getting basic sound effects into a game for people who were having a hard time doing it. Files in CFXR format can be opened with CFXR in Microsoft Windows based systems. The latest version of the software is CFXR0.2.0

Mac OS
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Detail cfxr file extension information:
File Type: cfxr
File Format: Cocoa Sfxr File
Primary Association: Audio Files