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format file cdp

What is a cdp file and how do I open a cdp file?

Files stored in the CDP format are generally classified as data files but more specifically known as Trainz Simulator Content Dispatcher packs. The Trainz Simulator software is a video railway simulation game developed by N3V Games, and the CDP format was also implemented by N3V Games into the Trainz Simulator video game software to allow third party developers and users to import map routes and sceneries among other designs for supported locomotive models as additional elements within the Trainz Simulator video game. The content of these CDP files can be added to the Trainz Simulator video game through the Content Manager Plus and Content Dispatcher applets integrated into the Trainz Simulator video game. Other applications developed by N3V Games implemented with support for these CDP files include the Trainz Classics software, the Trainz Driver program and Trainz Railway. Users of Microsoft Windows-based systems can start accessing the add-on content stored in these CDP files along with the other features integrated into these Trainz applications by installing any of these programs.

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N3V Games Trainz Simulator
N3V Games Trainz Classics
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Detail cdp file extension information:
File Type: cdp
File Format: Trainz Simulator Content Dispatcher Pack
Primary Association: Report Files