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What is a chord file and how do I open a chord file?

The CHORD file extension is a text document which includes chords and song lyrics. This is related to guitar language and descriptions. Also known as guitar tabs to guitar enthusiasts and users, it is often read in plain text and it has the .CRD extension. File formats for guitar chords are simple files created in ASCII formats. ASCII code stands for American Standard Code for Information Interchange and each letter in the English alphabet is represented by numbers from 0 to 127. Word processors and text editors use ASCII formats to store data. Reading guitar chords is easy. All you need is basic understanding of what a chord stands for and how it is represented in guitar playing. Not all are gifted when playing the guitar but learning has its own rewards. CHORD file can be opened by Text Editor Programs. They are very handy in terms plain text files editing and are used in various ways.

Mac OS
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Any text editor
Any text editor
Detail chord file extension information:
File Type: chord
File Format: Song Chords File
Primary Association: Text Files