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format file chk

What is a chk file and how do I open a chk file?

File fragments created by the associated Microsoft Windows OS are also called saved file fragments and are generally classified as data files. These files are affixed with the .chk extension and contain data associated to a file that has been deleted or stored in a different location in the disk. The ScanDisk application, also called CHKDISK, is an applet built into most Microsoft Windows OS versions. This applet is used to find and delete unused files created by the system and can locate CHK files to permanently delete them since the files that correspond to the content of those CHK files have already been deleted or moved by users to another directory. Files in the CHK format are usually placed in a system directory labeled "Found", and these CHK files are also created after using the ScanDisk applet to scan the data storage devices connected to the computer. There are third party applications developed to open and view the content of these CHK files, and the CHK-Mate software is an example of a program that can be installed in a Microsoft Windows system to implement support for this purpose. The FileCHK program and the UnCHK software were on the other hand developed to provide users with functionalities for recovering or restoring the data contained in a CHK file.

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Detail chk file extension information:
File Type: chk
File Format: Saved File Fragment
Primary Association: Multiple Use Files