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format file cmbl

What is a cmbl file and how do I open a cmbl file?

The Logger Pro application is a program that can be used to create a project output document for storing scientific, mathematical, qualitative research and analytical data. These files are affixed with the .cmbl extension when saved by the user with the Logger Pro software. These CMBL files are also called Logger Pro data files but are generally classified as data files. Vernier Software & Technology developed the Logger Pro software and the CMBL file format for students, researchers and professionals who need a program to easily enter, analyze, edit or modify and share data from scientific experiments, mathematical analysis and research activities. Since the CMBL format can be used by the author of the project file to enter elements using the Logger Pro software into the document, then other users can also enter definitions and descriptions into the CMBL project to help other users understand the analytical work done to the data stored in these CMBL files. These CMBL files are also integrated with support for spreadsheet data and formatting attributes.

Mac OS
Recommended cmbl file download:
Vernier Software & Technology Logger Pro
Vernier Software & Technology Logger Pro
Detail cmbl file extension information:
File Type: cmbl
File Format: Logger Pro Data File
Primary Association: Data Files