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File extensions start with character 'M'

File Type Category File Format
.m Development Files Objective-C Implementation File
.m2ts Video Files Blu-ray BDAV Video File
.m3d CorelDRAW Files 3D Model File
.m3u Playlist Files Media Playlist File
.m4a MPEG Files MPEG-4 Audio File
.m4b Audio Files MPEG-4 Audio Book File
.m4r Apple Files iPhone Ringtone File
.macbin Data Files Macbinary Encoded File
.maf Data Files Mutation Annotation Format File
.maff Web Files Mozilla Archive Format File
.mag Partially Downloaded Files Access Diagram Shortcut File
.mai Data Files Microsoft Mail File
.man Text Files Unix Manual
.mani Digital Video Files Mine-imator Project File
.manifest Windows System Files Windows Application Manifest File
.map Game Files Quake Engine Map File
.mar Partially Downloaded Files Mozilla Archive
.mart eBook Files MartView eBook File
.mas Game Files rFactor Track File
.mat Data Files MATLAB MAT-File
.mbb Partially Downloaded Files Kodak EasyShare Data File
.mbd Data Files Multimedia Builder Project File
.mbf Backup Files Microsoft Money Backup File
.mbg Data Files Mailbag Assistant Mailbox File
.mbk Backup Files dBASE IV Multiple Index Backup File
.mbl Data Files Logger Pro Data File
.mbox Text Files E-mail Mailbox File
.mbp eBook Files Mobipocket Notes File
.mbx Data Files Outlook Express Mailbox
.mc1 Data Files MedCalc Data File
.mca Game Files Minecraft "Anvil" Map File
.mcd Data Files Mathcad Document
.mcdx Document Files Mathcad Prime Document
.mcr Program Execution Files 3ds Max Macroscript File
.mcxe Data Files MedicinesComplete Data File
.md Development Files Markdown Documentation File
.md0 Disk Image Files Alcohol Disk Image Segment 1
.md5 Multiple Use Files MD5 Checksum File
.md8 Data Files Mediator Project File
.mdb Microsoft Access Files Microsoft Access Database
.mdc Data Files Multi Dimension Cube File
.mddata Backup Files iPhone Backup File
.mde Microsoft Access Files Compiled Access Add-in File
.mdf Disk Image Files Media Disc Image File
.mdi Page Layout Files Microsoft Document Imaging File
.mdl 3D Model Files MathWorks Simulink Model
.mdl Game Files Half-Life Model File
.mdm Data Files HLM Multivariate Data Matrix File
.mdmp Windows System Files Windows Minidump
.mds Disk Image Files Media Descriptor File
.mdt Database Files GeoMedia Access Database Template
.mdx Disk Image Files Extended Media Descriptor File
.mdx 3D Graphics Files Warcraft 3 Model File
.mdz Data Files Access Wizard Template
.me Configuration Files Readme Text File
.meg Data Files MEGA Data File
.mell Text Files Mellel Word Processing File
.mellel Text Files Mellel Word Processing Document
.mem Backup Files FoxPro Variable File
.menc Data Files Windows Mobile Encrypted File
.merlin2 Data Files Merlin Project File
.met Data Files eMule Resource File
.mex Data Files Macro Express File
.mf Development Files Java Manifest File
.mfa Development Files Multimedia Fusion Development File
.mfe Data Files MobileFrame Enterprise Data File
.mfp Data Files Macromedia FlashPaper Document
.mft Page Layout Files MediaFACE Project Template
.mfu Data Files MobileFrame Update File
.mfv Data Files MobileFrame Device Pack File
.mgc Vector Graphics Files Microsoft Clip Organizer Media Catalog
.mht HTML Files MHTML Web Archive
.mindnode Data Files MindNode Document
.mint Compressed Files Linux Mint Installer File
.mission Data Files MissionMaker Project File
.mit Data Files MineEdit Inventory Template File
.mix Raster Graphics Files Microsoft Image Exchange File
.mjp Digital Video Files MJPEG Video File
.mkv Digital Video Files Matroska Video File
.mls Data Files Milestones Simplicity File
.mm Development Files Objective-C++ Source File
.mm6 Data Files Money Manager 6 File
.mma Data Files Master Album Maker Photo Album File
.mmc Data Files Microsoft Media Catalog
.mmf Audio Files Synthetic Music Mobile Application File
.mmip Plug-in Files MediaMonkey Installation Package
.mml Page Layout Files FrameMaker Maker Markup Language File
.mmm Audio Files Music Maker Arrangement File
.mmp Configuration Files Symbian Project Specification File
.mmu Data Files myPM Merge Data File
.mmw Data Files AceMoney Money File
.mnc Data Files My Notes Center Notebook
.mng Raster Graphics Files Multiple Network Graphic
.mnk Data Files My Notes Keeper Notebook
.mno Data Files Macromedia Design Note
.mnt Text Files FoxPro Menu Memo
.mnv Digital Video Files PlayStation Movie File
.mny Data Files Microsoft Money File
.mo? Development Files Machine Object File
.mob Video Files MOBTV Video File
.mobi eBook Files Mobipocket eBook
.mod MPEG Files Amiga Music Module File
.moho Data Files Anime Studio Animation Project
.mol Data Files MDL Molfile
.money Data Files Money Data File
.mos Camera Photo Files Leaf Camera RAW File
.mosaic Data Files MacOSaiX Mosaic File
.mou Compressed Files WinMount Compressed File
.mov Digital Video Files Apple QuickTime Movie
.mox Data Files ExtendSim Simulation Software Model
.mp3 Compressed Audio Files MP3 Audio File
.mp4 Digital Video Files MPEG-4 Video File
.mpd Database Files Microsoft Project Database
.mpg Digital Video Files MPEG Video File
.mpi Data Files InstallJammer Project File
.mpj Data Files RoboHelp HTML Project
.mpkg Compressed Files Meta Package File
.mpo Raster Graphics Files Multi Picture Object File
.mpp Data Files Microsoft Project File
.mpq Game Files Blizzard Mo'PaQ File
.mpr Development Files FoxPro Generated Menu Program
.mps Data Files Mathematical Programming System File
.mpt Data Files Microsoft Project Template
.mpv Video Files MPEG Elementary Stream Video File
.mpx Data Files Microsoft Project Exchange File
.mpz Data Files Miradi Project File
.mpzip Data Files Multisim Pack File
.mq4 Data Files MetaTrader Custom Indicator
.mqo 3D Image Files Metasequoia Document
.mrt Development Files Stimulsoft Report File
.ms10 Data Files Multisim 10 Circuit Design File
.ms8 Data Files Multisim 8 Circuit Design File
.msb Data Files Oracle Binary Message File
.msc System Files Microsoft Management Console Snap-in Control File
.mse Encrypted Files 3ds Max Encrypted MAXScript File
.msf Multiple Use Files Mail Summary File
.msg Email Message Files Outlook Mail Message
.msi Multiple Use Files Windows Installer Package
.msm Configuration Files Windows Installer Merge Module
.mso Multiple Use Files Inline E-mail Attachment
.msp System Files Windows Installer Patch
.mss Development Files Microprocessor Software Specification File
.mst Configuration Files Windows Installer Setup Transform File
.msu Partially Downloaded Files Windows Vista Update Package
.mswmm Digital Video Files Windows Movie Maker Project
.mtf Configuration Files Motorola Theme File
.mth Data Files Derive Math File
.mtm Audio Files MultiTracker Module
.mts Digital Video Files AVCHD Video File
.mtt Data Files MetadataTouch Template
.mtw Data Files Minitab Worksheet File
.mtz Compressed Files MIUI Theme
.mtz 3D Graphics Files Compressed MetaStream Scene File
.mu Quattro Pro Files Kerbal Space Program Mesh File
.muf Data Files Alpha Five Licence File
.mui Windows System Files Multilingual User Interface File
.mup Data Files Music Publisher Score
.mus Audio Files Finale Notation File Format
.mw Data Files Maple Worksheet
.mwd Text Files MarinerWrite Document
.mwf Data Files MapGuide Author Map Window File
.mwp Text Files Lotus Word Pro SmartMaster File
.mws Document Files Maple Classic Worksheet
.mwx GIS Files MapGuide Author Map Window XML File
.mx Data Files Mathematica Serialized Package File
.mxad Data Files Mandelbrot Explorer All Data File
.mxc2 Data Files MAGIX Cache File
.mxi Raster Graphics Files Maxwell Image
.myi Data Files MySQL MyISAM Index File
.mys Digital Video Files Vineyard Captured Video File
.mzz Partially Downloaded Files Microsoft .NET Download Package