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format file mem

What is a mem file and how do I open a mem file?

MEM files are known as FoxPro Variable Files because they are used by the Foxpro software to store variables and arrays. They are categorized as backup files and restoring these files may require the RESTORE FROM command since these files can be saved and restored at the same time. These files can make changes but also has the ability to restore back the files without the changes made which is why they can be used for backup purposes. This is because MEM files are memory variable and array storage mostly used for projects created through FoxPro. MEM files are files containing the codes that allow the saving, deleting, restoring of variables and arrays. Microsoft Visual Foxpro is the main application that uses MEM files and it is also the main application used to open these files. This application provides users with the necessary tools for the creation and management of a high performance and 32-bit components and applications of databases.

Recommended mem file download:
Microsoft Visual FoxPro
Detail mem file extension information:
File Type: mem
File Format: FoxPro Variable File
Primary Association: Backup Files