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format file msb

What is a msb file and how do I open a msb file?

The MSB file extension is also known as the Oracle Binary Message File which was developed by Oracle. It is used for software management which allows users to save application messages like errors. It is saved in a binary format and compiled form, which allows quicker message lookup and acts as a readable log file for program alerts. It provides information from the Oracle Call Interface and Application Call Interface. MSB files are generated for a specific Oracle application and language. To display the MSB dialog box, select the MSB Path button in the Items page of the Create Product dialog box. Then supply the name of the MSB file and the three-letter facility of the message. This button is active only when the usage type is a MSB usage type. The filename or directory indicates the product ID and the localization. For instance, oraus.msb uses "ora" for Oracle Database and "us" for the English language. Files in MSB format can be opened with Oracle database in Microsoft Windows and Linux platforms.

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Detail msb file extension information:
File Type: msb
File Format: Oracle Binary Message File
Primary Association: Data Files