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format file mag

What is a mag file and how do I open a mag file?

The shortcuts that are created by Microsoft Access are known as MAG files and they are usually called Access Diagram Shortcut Files developed by Microsoft. MAG files serve as storage for diagram or chart shortcuts with the use of an Access database. MAG files represent the existing relationships of a database file to the users and they are also used to load diagrams using Access without the need to open database files first. The MAG files are saved in a format for multi-type documents and they encompass various elements found on the page of a document. MAG files are said to contain active database content links wherein they are also distrusted by default in other programs like Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft SharePoint server. MAG files help a lot in the decision making processes wherein the decision is based on the information regarding the preferences of client and business partners. MAG files can be opened and are supported by Microsoft Access 2010.

Recommended mag file download:
Microsoft Access 2013
Detail mag file extension information:
File Type: mag
File Format: Access Diagram Shortcut File
Primary Association: Partially Downloaded Files