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format file mrt

What is a mrt file and how do I open a mrt file?

The Stimulsoft Reports software can be used to create a Stimulsoft report file, and these Stimulsoft report files are generally classified as developer files. The Stimulsoft Reports application is classified as a program integrated with a set of features for generating reports for Microsoft Windows-based systems. These Stimulsoft report files are usually associated to Web applications and .NET programs running on the Microsoft Windows-based system. Page layout elements and visual objects among other data fields are stored in the associated Stimulsoft report file. These Stimulsoft reports can be exported into many more widely used document file formats. These Stimulsoft report files can also be exported to some raster graphic image formats and vector graphics file formats. The content of a Stimulsoft report file associated to desktop applications can be displayed on the GUI (Graphical User Interface) of these programs during runtime. These Stimulsoft report files are integrated with data file compression specifications and implemented with encoding standards used for the MRT file format. The Stimulsoft Reports program is also bundled as an applet of the Microsoft Visual Studio software.

Recommended mrt file download:
Stimulsoft Reports
Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 with Stimulsoft Reports plugin
Itelio Docusnap
Detail mrt file extension information:
File Type: mrt
File Format: Stimulsoft Report File
Primary Association: Development Files