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format file mtm

What is a mtm file and how do I open a mtm file?

The MTM file extension is known as the MultiTracker Music Module File which was developed by a demo group called Renaissance. It is an audio file that contains musical scores and sound samples saved in computer system for play back. It also utilizes the Gravis Ultrasound audio card hardware which is similar to the MOD format but is very compact enough to support more than 32 channels of digital music. It allows user to organize sound samples systematically and has the ability to handle arpeggio and vibrato sound effects used in a single page interface. Songwriters are able to compose songs and scoring since it implements an 80 by 50 resolution of unique text mode display. Although not very stylish, it allows conversion of MTM formats to S3M and MOD formats. Files in MTM format can be opened with WinAmp, VUPlayer, JetAudio, XMPlay, and MODPlug Player in Microsoft Windows platforms. These files can also be opened with CocoModX in Mac platforms.

Mac OS
Recommended mtm file download:
Nullsoft Winamp Media Player 5.6
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MODPlug Player
Detail mtm file extension information:
File Type: mtm
File Format: MultiTracker Module
Primary Association: Audio Files