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format file mmf

What is a mmf file and how do I open a mmf file?

The Synthetic Music Mobile Application File (SMAF) is stored in the MMF format and is affixed with MMF extension and is used by Yamaha. These MMF files are generally classified as audio file that contain synthetic music and sound used in cell phone ring tones and personal digital assistant consolidated with graphics and text display. In more technical terms, these files possess three types of instruments parameters namely FM (using FM-synth), PCM (using wavetable synth) and Stream PCM (longer audio clips). Because of such parameters users can create custom instruments with the same sound as the devices. These files are smaller in size compared to standard MIDI format files like SMF even though they resemble MIDI. WAV files and MID files can be converted to MMF format sharing and distributing audio content. These files can be received via email attachments to Phone or PC, downloaded from the Web or retrieved from a PC.

Mac OS
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Detail mmf file extension information:
File Type: mmf
File Format: Synthetic Music Mobile Application File
Primary Association: Audio Files
Mime Type: application/vnd.smaf, application/x-smaf