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format file gcx

What is a gcx file and how do I open a gcx file?

The .gcx file extension is also known as graph data files in 2D or 3D and these graph files are usually created by the Grapher software. The Grapher software is associated with MAC OS and it is used to create graphs and other files that require graphing. The graph files contained in the software are used as calculator which can be used to solve equations. There is no simple or complex equation with the Grapher application because they can solve any problem that is entered and display results in 2D or 3D. Users can even do what they want to do with these graphs because there are animations that could be used. .gcx files are exclusively for MAC OS and may not be viewed using other operating systems. To open .gcx files, one may require the Grapher software or the MAC OS. If such application does not exist in the system, .gcx files may be opened through a .gcx file fixing software or a file opening software that can open files of almost all formats.

Mac OS
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Apple Grapher
Detail gcx file extension information:
File Type: gcx
File Format: Grapher Graph File
Primary Association: Data Files