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format file gui

What is a gui file and how do I open a gui file?

The GUI file extension is associated with the Dr. Explain program. This program is an authoring tool assistant for generating printable “Quick Start” information, windows screenshots, illustrations with annotations and other related help data from a live application. GUI files are employed by this program to hold articles and help topic documents produced with its documentation developer. The Carreta Software Ltd.’s GUI Design Studio and Id Software, Inc.’s Doom 3 computer game are programs that also utilize GUI file format. GUI Design Studio is a program that opens and creates GUI files. It’s a design tool with graphical user interface attributes that can automatically display windows and screens linked together to create workflow storyboard samples or models for Desktop, Web and Mobile software applications. GUI files are utilized by this application as document files that contain completed projects and other reference information. Doom 3 is a sci-fi horror game that simulates first person shooter point of view. The game utilizes GUI files to enable game’s Heads Up Display or HUD which shows information about the player’s current weapon ammunition, PDA, video disk and player’s health status.

Recommended gui file download:
Indigo Byte Systems Dr.Explain
Detail gui file extension information:
File Type: gui
File Format: Dr.Explain Project File
Primary Association: Data Files