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format file gc

What is a gc file and how do I open a gc file?

The .gc file extension is used by an application called Star Wars Battlefront II. This is a program that is classified as a video game application for Microsoft Windows. This means Star Wars Battlefront II is implemented with compatibility support for widely used versions of Microsoft Windows and other built-in system resources. Files that are stored in the GC file format are implemented by Star Wars Battlefront II for its saved game resources and other gameplay elements. This means the content of a GC file is generated when users access a corresponding feature that is integrated into this software. This content is then accessed by Star Wars Battlefront II or any of its resource modules or codes, in order to load the required elements unto the system and into its GUI (Graphical User Interface).

Recommended gc file download:
Pandemic Studios Star Wars Battlefront II
Detail gc file extension information:
File Type: gc
File Format: Galactic Conquest Saved Game
Primary Association: Game Files