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format file gwk

What is a gwk file and how do I open a gwk file?

The GWK file extension is used in data files created with GraphiCode GC-Prevue program. This program was developed and created to provide a low-cost alternative to other Gerber editor and translator applications. The Gerber file format is utilized to illustrate printed circuit board or PCB designs such as solder masks, drill holes, legends, copper layers and other relevant materials. By using the GraphiCode GC- Prevue program users are able to employ similar functionalities into their project output designs. GWK files are employed by this program to save Printed Circuit Board or PCB designs which can be easily manipulated and converted into component placement files. 102

Recommended gwk file download:
GraphiCode GC-Prevue
GraphiCode GC-PowerPlace
GraphiCode GC-PowerStation
Detail gwk file extension information:
File Type: gwk
File Format: GraphiCode PCB Job File
Primary Association: Data Files