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Bestandsextensies beginnen met karakter 'L'

File Type Categorie File Format
.l6t Data Files Line 6 Tone File
.lab Page Layout Files WordPerfect Label Definition File
.laccdb Microsoft Files Microsoft Access Lock File
.lang Settings Files Minecraft Taal File
.latex Text Files LaTeX Document
.lay Multiple Use Files DVD Studio Pro Layout File
.layout Configuration Files Code :: Blocks Workspace Layout File
.lbl Database Files NiceLabel Template File
.lbr Lotus Driver Files LU Bibliotheek Archief
.lbt Text Files FoxPro Label Memo
.lcf CAD Files ArchiCAD Bibliotheek Container File
.lck Multiple Use Files Programma Lock File
.ldb Multiple Use Files Microsoft Access Lock File
.ldf Data Files SQL Server transactielogboekbestand
.ldm Volume Files VolumeViz Multi-Resolution Volume File
.ldt CAD Files Eulumdat geformatteerde Luminaire Data File
.lemon Compressed Files Download
.lfo Configuration Files Alchemy Low Frequency Oscillator Presets File
.lgo Development Files Logo Instructies File
.lha Compressed Files LHARC Compressed Archief
.lib Microsoft Files Generic Gegevens Bibliotheek
.lic Multiple Use Files Software License File
.lip SLIP Files Bethesda Softworks Lip Sync File
.lis Text Files SQR Output File
.list Development Files JAR Index File
.lit eBook Files eBook File
.lix Data Files Logos Library File System
.llb Data Files LabVIEW bibliotheek File
.lmk Vector Graphics Files Sothink Logo Maker Image
.lms Data Files LenMus Score File
.lmx Data Files Landmark Exchange File
.lng Language Defnition Files Taal Application Support File
.lnk Windows System Files Windows File Shortcut
.loc Data Files GPS Location File
.localstorage Google Files WebKit Lokale opslag Data File
.lock Multiple Use Files Lock File
.lod Google Files Heroes of Might and Magic 3 Graphics File
.log Log Files Log File
.log1 Registry Files Windows-register Hive Log File
.lp7 Data Files LP7 Digitally Signed File
.lpdb Data Files Librarian Pro-databasebestand
.lpk Package Files ArcGIS Layer Package
.lqr Compressed Files SQ Compressed LBR Archief
.lrcat Data Files Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Catalog File
.lrdata Data Files Adobe Photoshop Lightroom-gegevensbestand
.lrec Digital Video Files Inter-Tel Web Conference Recording
.lrf eBook Files Sony Portable Reader Bestand
.lrs eBook Files Librie Reader bronbestand
.lrtemplate Configuration Files Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Template
.lrx eBook Files Sony Portable Reader Bestand
.lsl Data Files LightScribe-label
.lsp Development Files Lisp Programma Source Code File
.lsr Data Files LANsurveyor Report
.lst Text Files Data List
.lsu Data Files LANsurveyor Kaart
.ltr Text Files letter File
.ltx Text Files LaTeX Document
.lua Development Files Lua Source File
.lue Text Files Norton LiveUpdate logbestand
.luf Text Files Lipikar Uniform File Format
.lvm Data Files LabVIEW Measurement File
.lvw Data Files Livewire Document
.lw4 Data Files Lightwright File
.lwp Text Files Lotus Word Pro Document
.lxf XML Data Files LEGO Digital Designer Model File
.lxfml Text Files LEGO Digital Designer XML-bestand
.ly Data Files LilyPond File
.lyc CAD Files bestIMAGE Compressed Ontwerp File
.lyr Multiple Use Files ArcView Layer File
.lyt Configuration Files Xcalibur Layout File
.lyx Text Files LyX Document
.lz Compressed Files Lzip gecomprimeerde bestand
.lzh Compressed Files LZH gecomprimeerde bestand
.lzm Compressed Files Slax Module
.lzma Compressed Files LZMA gecomprimeerde bestand
.lzo Compressed Files LZO gecomprimeerde bestand
.lzx Compressed Files Amiga LZX gecomprimeerde bestand