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Bestandsextensies beginnen met karakter 'F'

File Type Categorie File Format
.f Development Files Fortran Source Code
.f4f Digital Video Files Flash Video Fragment
.f4v Digital Video Files Flash MP4 Video File
.fa Data Files FASTA geformatteerde Sequence File
.faq Text Files Veelgestelde vragen Document
.fasta Data Files FASTA Sequence File
.fat Configuration Files Zinf Theme File
.fb2 eBook Files FictionBook 2.0 File
.fbk Backup Files Microsoft Dynamics NAV back-upbestand
.fbl Text Files CADfix Command Level logbestand
.fbm Raster Graphics Files Fuzzy Bitmap Afbeelding
.fbp Development Files wxFormBuilder Project
.fbr Digital Video Files FlashBack Screen Recording
.fbrb Game Files Battlefield Bad Company 2 Data File
.fbt Configuration Files ABBYY FineReader Document Options File
.fbx ArcView Files Autodesk FBX Interchange File
.fbz Video Files FlashBack Screen Recorder Movie
.fcf Text Files Final Draft File Converter
.fcl Development Files ForeUI Custom Library File
.fd2 Page Layout Files PictureMate Borders File
.fda Audio Files Dawn of War Audio File
.fdb Database Files Portfolio Catalog
.fdf Text Files Acrobat Forms Data Format
.fdm Microsoft Files Exchange Forms Designer Form Message
.fdr Text Files Final Draft Document
.fds Text Files Final Draft Secure Copy
.fdt Text Files Final Draft 5-7 Template
.fdx Text Files Final Draft Document
.fdxt Text Files Final Draft 8 Template
.fes Data Files Fileless Voorkomen Placeholder
.fev Audio Files FMOD Audio Events File
.ff Description Files Call of Duty 4 Fast File
.ffd Data Files Flat bestandindicator
.fff Camera Photo Files Hasselblad RAW Image
.ffil Font Files Mac Font Suitcase
.ffl System Files Vind Fast Documentenlijst
.ffo System Files Vind Fast Document Properties Cache
.fft Text Files Final Form tekstbestand
.ffwp Data Files FormsForWeb Packet
.ffx Configuration Files After Effects Preset File
.fid Data Files File Expander Engine Beschrijvingen Database
.fid System Files Microsoft Catalog Indexing-service File
.fif Vector Graphics Files Fractal Image File
.fil Data Files Files List Object File
.file Multiple Use Files Generieke Windows File
.fla Development Files Adobe Flash Animation
.flac Codec Files Free Lossless Audio Codec File
.flame Data Files Fractal Flames File
.flipchart Flipchart Files ActivInspire Flip File
.flk Data Files Folder Lock File
.fll Data Files FoxPro Dynamic-Link Library
.flo Data Files iGrafx FlowCharter File
.flow Data Files Expression SketchFlow Data File
.flp Adobe Files FruityLoops Project
.flr Text Files Flare gedecompileerd ActionScript File
.flt 3D Graphics Files OpenFlight Scene Beschrijving File
.flv Digital Video Files Flash Video File
.flwa Data Files Folder Lock Wallet File
.fm Page Layout Files FrameMaker Document
.fmt Configuration Files FoxPro File Format
.fmz CAD Files Vorm? Z Project File
.fnbk Data Files Food Network Recipe Manager Data File
.fnrecipes Data Files Food Network Recipe File
.fo Data Files XSL-FO Form
.folx Data Files Folx Download File
.fon Font Files Generic Font File
.fop Data Files InfoZoom Protected Data File
.fox Data Files InfoZoom Data File
.fpd CAD Files Voorpaneel Designer Project
.fpk Game Files Civilization 4 Data File
.fpsl Data Files FileMaker Pro Snapshot Link
.fpt Database Files FileMaker Pro Database Memo File
.framework Development Files Framework Mac OS X-toepassing
.frg Audio Files Sony Sound Forge Pro Project File
.frl Data Files Electronic Form Loader File
.frm Database Files MySQL database-indeling Bestand
.frm Development Files Visual Basic Text Form
.fro Data Files dBASE IV Compiled Report
.frt Text Files FoxPro Report Memo
.fsb Audio Files FMOD Sample Bank File
.fsc Data Files Praktische Scenarioschrijver File
.fss Data Files Splitty gegevens Split File
.ftm Audio Files FamiTracker Module
.ftm Data Files Family Tree Maker voor DOS File
.ftw Data Files Family Tree Maker File
.fwp Web Files Microsoft Expression Web Package
.fxc Development Files FilePackager Configuration
.fxp Database Files Adobe Flex Project File
.fxp Executable Files FoxPro gecompileerde programma
.fxp Plug-in Files VST Audio Plug-in
.fzf Audio Files Casio FZ-1 Full Dump
.fzz CAD Files Fritzing Shareable Project File