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Bestandsextensies beginnen met karakter 'I'

File Type Categorie File Format
.i01 Disk Image Files DVD Shrink Part 2 File
.i3pack Audio Files Point Blank Game Data File
.i5z Data Files IUCLID 5 Import / Export File
.iaf Configuration Files Outlook Internet Account File
.iba Data Files iBooks Author Document
.ibcd Data Files InstantBingoCard Document
.ibooks Data Files Multi-Touch iBook
.ica Configuration Files Citrix ICA File
.icalevent Data Files iCal Event File
.icaltodo Data Files iCal To Do File
.icbu Backup Files iCal Back-
.ice Compressed Files ICE Bestandenarchief
.icf Backup Files Zoom Routerconfiguratie File
.ichat Data Files iChat Saved Chat Log
.icns Apple System Files Mac OS X Icoon Resource File
.ico Icon Files Pictogram File
.ics Multiple Use Files iCalendar bestand
.id2 Data Files Windows Live Messenger Emoticon File
.idx Multiple Use Files Movie Subtitle File
.ies Data Files IES Fotometrische Data File
.ifaith Data Files iFaith SHSH File
.ifc 3D Graphics Files Industry Foundation Classes File
.iff Amiga Files Interchange File Format
.ifo Digital Video Files DVD-Video Disc Informatie Bestand
.igc Data Files Anime List Builder Input File
.igr Layout Files Igor Engraver File
.igs CAD Files IGES Drawing File
.ii Data Files IconWorkshop Uitgebreide Informatie Bestand
.iif Data Files Intuit Interchange Format File
.iil Text Files CleanSweep Installatie Log
.iim Program Execution Files imacro Macro File
.image Disk Image Files Apple Disk Image
.img Disk Image Files Macintosh Disk Image
.img Disk Image Files Disc Image Data File
.img3 Apple System Files iPhone img3 File
.imi Graphics Files Magellan Map File
.iml Development Files IntelliJ IDEA Module
.imp Audio Files Auditie Impulse File
.imr Data Files Impromptu Report File
.imt Data Files My Time Data File
.imz Disk Image Files WinImage Compressed Disk Image
.incp Data Files InCopy CS3 Package File
.ind Multiple Use Files Memory Stick formatteren File
.indd Page Layout Files Adobe InDesign Document
.indt Page Layout Files Adobe InDesign Template
.inetloc Multiple Use Files Internet Locatie
.inf Configuration Files Setup Informatie Bestand
.inf_loc Windows System Files Windows Driver Information Cache File
.info Raster Graphics Files ZoomBrowser indexbeeldbestand
.ingr Vector Graphics Files Intergraph Image File
.ini Configuration Files Windows initialisatie File
.ink Vector Graphics Files InkML Afbeelding
.inp Austodesk Files Abaqus Input File
.ins Configuration Files Internet Settings File
.int Vector Graphics Files SGI Integer Image File
.inv Game Files INVedit File
.inx Page Layout Files Adobe InDesign Interchange File
.inx Data Files Compiled Script
.iobit Multiple Use Files Advanced SystemCare terugdraaien File
.ip Data Files IconPackager Theme File
.ipa Program Execution Files iOS Applicatie
.ipf Executable Files SMS Installer Script
.ipg Compressed Files iPod Game File
.ipk Package Files Itsy Package
.ipmeta Data Files Apple iPhoto Metadata Bestand
.ipr Development Files InstallShield Professional Project File
.iproject Data Files iClone Project File
.ips Binary Files Intern Patching System Patch File
.ipsw Multiple Use Files iPod en iPhone Software Update File
.ipt CAD Files Inventor Part File
.iqy Microsoft Office Files Internet Query
.irf Digital Video Files CCTV DVR H.264 Video File
.irock Data Files intelliRock Sensor Data File
.irp Data Files Internet Onderzoeker Project File
.irr Data Files Brewer Lamp File
.irx Data Files Brewer Bestraling File
.is1 Data Files M3 Sakura Real-Time Save 1 File
.isf Data Files Inspiration Flowchart Document
.ish Compressed Files ISH Compressed Archief
.ish1 Data Files Animation-ish Wiggledoodle-ish Document
.ish2 Data Files Animation-ish flipbook-ish Document
.ish3 Data Files Animation-ish Geavanceerde-ish Document
.ismv Digital Video Files IIS Smooth Streaming Video File
.isn Multiple Use Files Installer bronbestanden
.iso Disk Image Files Disc Image File
.ist Development Files InstallShield Project Template File
.isz Disk Image Files Gezipte ISO Disk Image
.itc2 Raster Graphics Files iTunes Cover Flow Data File 2
.itdb Database Files iTunes Database File
.ite Data Files iTunes Extras File
.ithmb Raster Graphics Files iPod en iPhone Photo Thumbnails Bestand
.itl Apple Files iTunes Library File
.itlp Data Files iTunes LP Album File
.itm Data Files iThink Model File
.itmsp Data Files iTunes Store Package
.itn Data Files TomTom Navigator Route File
.itx Data Files ITX Form Template
.iup Data Files Fritz-update File
.ius Android Files Infotmic Firmware Update File
.ivs Data Files Initialisatie VectorDossier
.ivt Data Files Beyond 20/20 Tabel File
.iw Data Files Chain Techniek Database File
.iwd Game Files Call of Duty Game Data File
.ix2 Data Files WordPerfect Address Book File
.ixb Data Files Ulead Schijfimage
.ize Encrypted Archive Files IZArc Archief