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Bestandsextensies beginnen met karakter 'D'

File Type Categorie File Format
.d00 Disk Image Files VirtualDrive Disc Image Part File
.d01 Data Files VirtualDrive Schijfimage Part 2 File
.d3dbsp Map Files Call of Duty Map File
.da2 Data Files File DeepAnalysis Save
.daa Archive Files PowerISO Direct-Access-Archive
.dae 3D Files Digital Asset Exchange File
.daf Data Files Digital File Anchor
.dal Partially Downloaded Files Download Accelerator Plus URL List
.dam Data Files DeltaMaster Analyse Model
.dap Microsoft Files Access Data Access-pagina
.das Data Files DeltaMaster Analyse Session
.dat Data Files Data File
.dat_old Game Files Minecraft Level.dat Back-
.data Apple Files Analyse Studio Offline Data File
.dav Digital Video Files DVR365 Video File
.db Database Files Database File
.db- Data Files Norton Nprotect Database File
.db-shm Android Files SQLite database Shared Memory Bestand
.db-wal Android Files SQLite Database Write-Ahead Log File
.db3 Database Files SQLite Database File
.dba Backup Files Palm Datebook Back-
.dbc Database Files FoxPro Database
.dbd Data Files DemoShield Project
.dbf Database Files Database File
.dbg Configuration Files FoxPro debugger Configuration
.dbgsym Data Files Debugsymbolen File
.dbk Backup Files Sony Ericsson Mobile Phone Backup File
.dbm Project Files ColdFusion Server File
.dbo Development Files DarkBasic Object
.dbs Database Files SQLBase Database File
.dbx Multiple Use Files Outlook Express E-mail Folder
.dcf Audio Files DRM-inhoud Formaat File
.dck Digital Video Files Resolume Deck File
.dcl Configuration Files AutoCAD Dialog Definition File
.dcm Raster Graphics Files DICOM Afbeelding
.dcmd Data Files DiskCatalogMaker Miniatuur-Enabled Catalog
.dcmf Data Files DiskCatalogMaker Catalog
.dcpf Data Files Disc Copier Project File
.dcpr Data Files Adobe DNG Profile Camera Recipe File
.dcr Camera Photo Files Kodak RAW Image File
.dcs Vector Graphics Files Desktop Color Separation File
.dct Partially Downloaded Files Woordenboek File
.ddb Data Files Digidesign Database
.ddc Data Files DivX Descriptor File
.ddcx Data Files DivX Descriptor 2 File
.ddd Adobe Files GLBasic 3D Data File
.dds Raster Graphics Files DirectDraw Surface
.ddt Game Files Football Manager Houd Player Data File
.deb Package Files Debian Software Package
.decrypt Multiple Use Files Gedecodeerd Microsoft ESD Bestand
.def Development Files Module-Definition File
.dem Game Files Video Game Demo File
.des 3D Graphics Files Corel DESIGNER File
.design Vector Graphics Files Microsoft Expression Design Drawing
.deskthemepack Windows System Files Windows 8 Desktop Theme Pack File
.desktop Partially Downloaded Files Desktop Entry File
.dewf Audio Files SoundEdit Opgenomen Instrument
.dex Development Files Dalvik uitvoerbaar bestand
.df2 Audio Files Defractor 2 Instrument
.dfc Audio Files Defractor Instrument
.dff Game Files RenderWare Model File
.dfm Development Files Delphi Form
.dfproj Data Files DVD Flick Project
.dgc Turbo Tax Files DGCA File Archief
.dgk CAD Files Delcam 3D Model File
.dgn CAD Files MicroStation Ontwerp File
.dgs Text Files Dagesh Pro Document
.dhcd Data Files DHCD Computing Application Data File
.dhs Vector Graphics Files HyperSnap Drawing
.dia Vector Graphics Files Dia Diagram File
.diagcab System Files Problemen oplossen Pack Cabinet File
.diagpkg System Files Problemen oplossen Pack File
.dif Data Files Data Interchange Format
.dig Audio Files Sound Designer Audio File
.dii Data Files Sommatie Batch Bestand laden
.dir Digital Video Files Adobe Director Movie
.disk Disk Image Files Linux Virtual Hard Disk
.diskdefines Multiple Use Files Linux LiveCD Informatie Bestand
.dist Apple Files Mac OS X Distribution Script
.dita Data Files DITA Document
.ditamap Data Files DITA Topic Map File
.ditaval Data Files DITA voorwaarden File
.divx Digital Video Files DivX-Gecodeerde Movie File
.diz Description Files Beschrijving in het zip-bestand
.djm Data Files Dynojet Map File
.djvu Raster Graphics Files DjVu Afbeelding
.dl_ Compressed Files Compressed DLL-bestand
.dlc Database Files Download Link Container File
.dlg GIS Files Digital Line Graph
.dll Dynamic Link Library Files Dynamic Link Library
.dls Audio Files Downloadbare Klinkt File
.dm Audio Files DRM Delivery Message
.dm1 Development Files ER / Studio Data Model File
.dm2 Data Files Toad Data Modeler 2 File
.dmc Data Files Datamartist gegevens Canvas File
.dmd Development Files SQL Developer Data Modeler File
.dmf Audio Files Delusion Digital Music File
.dmg Apple Files Mac OS X Disk Image
.dmo Game Files Duke Nukem 3D Demo File
.dmp Windows System Files Windows Memory Dump
.dms Disk Image Files Disk Stamper Afbeelding
.dmsa Audio Files Music Disc Creator Project File
.dmse Audio Files Sound Editor Project File
.dmsk Data Files DivX Tijdelijke Video Data File
.dmsp Data Files PhotoSuite Project File
.dna Backup Files CA Backup and Migration Back
.dne Text Files Netica tekstbestand
.dnl Database Files DNAML eBook File
.do Microsoft Files Servlet
.doc Microsoft Office Files Microsoft Word-document
.dockzip Data Files ObjectDock File
.docm Microsoft Office Files Word Open XML-Macro Enabled Document
.docset Development Files Doxygen Document Set File
.docx Microsoft Office Files Microsoft Word Open XML Document
.docz Text Files ThinkFree Online Note Document
.dot Page Layout Files Word Document Template
.dotm Text Files Word Open XML-Macro Enabled Documentsjabloon
.dotx Microsoft Office Files Word Open XML Document Template
.downloading Multiple Use Files Pando Onvolledige Download File
.dox Text Files MultiMate Document
.dpa Video Files DrawPlus Animation File
.dpb Backup Files DataPilot back-upbestand
.dpk Development Files Delphi Package
.dpm Plug-in Files Pro Tools Plugin Bestand
.dpn Data Files Voorstelling Data File
.dpr Development Files Delphi Project
.dps Skin Files Kingsoft Presentatie File
.dpt Data Files Kingsoft Presentatie Template
.dpx Raster Graphics Files Digital Picture Exchange File
.dqy Microsoft Office Files Excel querybestand
.dra Audio Files Nuance Dragon Voice Recording File
.drf 3D Graphics Files Viz File Render
.drg CAD Drawing Files I-Doser Audio Drug File
.drl Data Files Gerber Drill Rack File
.drm Configuration Files Cubase Drum Map File
.drwdot CAD Files SolidWorks tekening sjabloon
.ds2 Audio Files Olympus DSS Pro Audio File
.ds_store Configuration Files Mac OS X Instellingen File Folder
.dsb Data Files Wondershare DVD Slideshow Builder Project
.dsb Backup Files Dell DataSafe back-upbestand
.dsc Multiple Use Files Nikon Disk Identification File
.dsd Configuration Files AutoCAD-tekening Set Beschrijving File
.dsf Graphics Files DAZ Studio Asset File
.dsf Vector Graphics Files Designer File
.dsk Disk Image Files Disk Image
.dsm Audio Files Digital Sound Module
.dsn Microsoft Files Database Bron Naam File
.dsp Development Files Visual C ++ 6 Project
.dss Audio Files Digital Speech Standard File
.dsv Microsoft Files DeSmuME Bestand opslaan
.dsx Graphics Files Diet Studio XML File
.dsy Data Files Directory Synchronizer Project File
.dsz Data Files Orchida (OES) Embroidery File
.dta Data Files Keten engineering Database
.dtd Development Files Document Type Definition File
.dtf Partially Downloaded Files Domino tijdelijk bestand
.dtm Audio Files DigiTrakker Module
.dtr Data Files DATroniC gegevensregistratie
.dts Data Transformation Files DTS Audio File
.dtshd Audio Files DTS-HD Master Audio File
.dtsx Database Files DTS Instellingen File
.dv4 Digital Video Files Bosch Security Systems CCTV Video File
.dvd Disk Image Files CloneCD DVD Informatie Bestand
.dvdproj Data Files iDVD Project File
.dvds Data Files DVDStyler Project File
.dvf Audio Files Sony Digital Voice File
.dvi Text Files Device Independent File Format
.dvr Digital Video Files Microsoft Recorded TV Show
.dwc Partially Downloaded Files Emulex DWC Firmware Update File
.dwd Audio Files DiamondWare Digital Audio File
.dwf Autodesk Files Design Web Format File
.dwfx CAD Files Design Web Format XPS File
.dwg CAD Files AutoCAD Drawing Database File
.dwi Data Files Dance With Intensity Song File
.dwp Data Files DarkWave Studio Project File
.dws CAD Files AutoCAD Drawing Standards File
.dwz Data Files DVD MovieFactory Project File
.dx Text Files December WPS Plus File
.dxf CAD Files Drawing Exchange Format File
.dz Data Files Dzip File
.dzp Video Files DirectorZone Particle Effect File