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Bestandsextensies beginnen met karakter 'S'

File Type Categorie File Format
.s00 Compressed Files ZipSplitter Part 1 Archief
.s01 Compressed Files ZipSplitter Deel 2 Archief
.s02 Compressed Files ZipSplitter Part 3 Archief
.s2z Game Files Heroes of Newerth Game Data File
.s7z Compressed Files Mac OS X 7-Zip File
.s85 Data Files Sabre Airline Solutions Grafiek
.sab CAD Files ACIS SAB Model File
.sad Game Files Black & White Audio File
.saf GIS Files Straat Atlas USA Map File
.safetext Text Files SafeText File
.sai Raster Graphics Files PaintTool SAI Afbeelding
.sam Data Files Ami Pro Document
.sam07 Data Files SAM 2007 Package
.sar Data Files Sibelius Schik Style
.sav Game Files Saved Game
.save Text Files File Nano Tijdelijke Save
.sbc Partially Downloaded Files Office Accounting Company snelkoppelingsbestand
.sbd Data Files Office Accounting Company Data File
.sbf Android Files Android File System
.sbq Data Files Superbase QuickReports File
.sbr Development Files Visual Studio Source Browser Intermediate File
.sbt Data Files Superbase NOTA File
.sbw Data Files US Treasury spaarobligaties Wizard File
.sbx Adobe Files ESRI Ruimtelijke Index File
.sc2bank Bank Files StarCraft 2 Bank File
.sc45 Data Files SuperCard Project File
.sca Data Files Norton AntiVirus Scan File
.scad CAD Files OpenSCAD Script
.scap Apple System Files EFI Firmware File
.scar Program Execution Files SCAR Script
.scb System Files Scrambls Gecodeerde File
.scc Development Files SourceSafe Source Code Controle File
.scd Data Files TurboTax Tax Schemalijst
.scexcludb Data Files Spring Cleaning uitsluitingen File
.scg Data Files myPM SCG Definition File
.sch Microsoft Files EAGLE Schema File
.schematic Data Files Mcedit Schematische File
.scm Digital Video Files ScreenCam Screen Recording
.scn Game Files Age of Mythology Scenario File
.scr Windows System Files Windows Screensaver
.screstore Data Files Spring Cleaning Restore Inloggen
.scresults Data Files Spring Cleaning Resultaten File
.scriv Text Files Scrivener Document
.scrivx Text Files Scrivener XML Document
.scs Game Files SimCity Societies saved game bestand
.scs Game Files Prism3D Game Data File
.sct Raster Graphics Files Scitex Continuous Tone File
.scw Text Files Movie Magic Screenwriter Document
.scz Data Files SmartDraw Collection Package File
.sda Vector Graphics Files StarOffice Drawing
.sdb Microsoft Files Custom Application Compatibility Database
.sdc Spreadsheet Files Calc Spreadsheet
.sdd Data Files StarOffice Presentatie
.sdf SQL Files Standard Data File
.sdi Disk Image Files Windows System Deployment Image
.sdm Text Files StarOffice mailbericht
.sdn Compressed Files Shareware Distributors Network File
.sdq Data Files SAS Data File
.sdr Raster Graphics Files SmartDraw Drawing
.sds Audio Files MIDI Sample Dump Standard File
.sdt Page Layout Files SmartDraw Template File
.sdts Data Files USGS Data File
.sdw Document Files StarOffice Writer Text Document
.sdx Multiple Use Files Kivuto Secure Download Manager File
.sdz Game Files Spring Content Package
.sea Compressed Files Zelf-uitpakkend archief
.sec Multiple Use Files PGP Secret Key Ring
.sed Configuration Files IExpress Self Extraction richtlijn File
.sel Data Files LinkOne Selection List File
.sen Data Files Gezonden hebt Data File
.seo Data Files SEO Note File
.ser Data Files GeneMapper Project File
.sesx Adobe Files Adobe Audition Session File
.set Configuration Files Instellingen File
.sf2 Adobe Files SoundFont 2 Sound Bank
.sfb Game Files PlayStation 3 Disc Data File
.sfcache Cache Files ReadyBoost Cache File
.sfk Adobe Files Sound Forge Audio Peak File
.sfl Audio Files Sound Forge Sound Data File
.sfo Configuration Files CuteFTP Zoeken Bestand
.sfs OpenOffice Files Squashfs File Archief
.sfv Multiple Use Files Simple File Verificatie File
.sfw Raster Graphics Files Seattle FilmWorks Afbeelding
.sfx Compressed Files Windows zelf-uitpakkende archief
.sgm Document Files SGML File
.sgml Data Files Standard Generalized Markup Language File
.sgn Data Files Slax Boot File
.sh Development Files Bash Shell Script
.shar Compressed Files Unix Shar Archief
.shc Data Files Adobe Photoshop Contouren File
.shr Compressed Files Unix Shell Archive File
.shs Multiple Use Files Microsoft Scrap File
.shw Data Files Corel Presentatie
.shx CAD Files AutoCAD Compiled Shape File
.sib Audio Files Sibelius Score
.sidx Data Files StuffIt Archive Index File
.sig Signature Files File signature
.sii Definition Files 18 Wheels of Steel: Haulin 'Truck Definition File
.sim Data Files SAP Tutor File
.sims3pack Package Files De Sims 3 Package File
.sis Multiple Use Files Symbian Installation File
.sisx Multiple Use Files Symbian OS Installation File
.sit Compressed Files StuffIt Archive
.sitx Compressed Files StuffIt X Archief
.skb Backup Files SketchUp Backup Document
.skc Data Files SideKick Card File
.sketch Vector Graphics Files Sketch Drawing
.skim Data Files Skim Notes File
.skm Raster Graphics Files SketchUp Materialen File
.skp Sketchup Files SketchUp Document
.skv Data Files Puntkomma gescheiden waarden File
.skx Data Files XLANG Schedule File
.sla Text Files Scribus Document
.sla.gz Text Files Scribus Compressed Document
.sldtm Data Files SDL Translation Memory File
.sle Data Files Sisulizer Package File
.slf Partially Downloaded Files Symantec licentiebestand
.slk Data Files Symbolische Link File
.sln Development Files Visual Studio Solution File
.slp Audio Files SpectraLayers Pro Project
.sls Partially Downloaded Files afbeelding playlist
.sma Development Files AMX Mod Plugin bronbestand
.smc Game Files Super Nintendo Game ROM
.smf Audio Files Standard MIDI File
.smm Data Files Samsung Memo File
.sms Text Files Geëxporteerd SMS-bericht
.sna Backup Files Drive Snapshot Primair back-upbestand
.snag Data Files SnagIt Capture File
.snapfireshow Corel Snapfire Show Files Corel SnapfireShow File
.sonic Data Files DigitalMedia Project File
.soundpack Data Files SoundPackager Sound Package
.sow Game Files Descent ARJ Archief
.sp Page Layout Files SignPlot Traffic Sign File
.sp45 Data Files SuperCard Player File
.sparsebundle Apple Files Mac OS X Sparse Bundle
.sparseimage Apple Files Mac OS X Sparse Image
.spb Game Files Flight Simulator Mission File
.spd Adobe Files SPSS Custom Dialog File
.spl System Files Windows Print Spool File
.spub Data Files Disc Cover File
.spv Project Files SPSS Output Document
.sqf Project Files ArmA Script File
.sqfs Disk Image Files Squash FS Bootable File
.sql Database Files Structured Query Language Data File
.sqlite Database Files SQLite Database File
.sqlitedb Database Files SQLite database
.sqm Microsoft Files Service Quality Monitoring File
.sqx Compressed Files SQX Archief
.sqz Video Files Knijp Project File
.sr0 Multiple Use Files SecuROM Analysis File
.sr2 Camera Photo Files Sony RAW Afbeelding
.srep Compressed Files SuperREP gecomprimeerde bestand
.srr Backup Files ReScene Metadata Bestand
.srt Digital Video Files SubRip Subtitle File
.ssa Text Files Sub Station Subtitle File Alpha
.ssf Snagit Files Trimble Standard Storage File Format
.sst Multiple Use Files Serialized Certificate Store File
.stb Configuration Files AutoCAD plotstijltabel File
.steamstart Game Files Valve Steam Start File
.step ISO Data Files STEP 3D Model
.stk Data Files Stickfigure Animator File
.stl CAD Files Stereolithografie File
.stm Data Files Exchange Streaming Media File
.story Text Files Storyist Document
.stproj Data Files Samsung Thema Document
.str Adobe Files dBASE Structure List Object File
.strings Text Files Tekst Strings File
.stt GIS Files Streets & Trips Kaart Template
.sttpl Data Files Samsung Theme Showcase File
.stu Data Files Pinnacle Studio Project File
.stw Text Files StarOffice Template Document
.sty Style Files LaTeX Style
.styk Data Files Stykz het Cijfer
.stykz Data Files Stykz Animation
.sub Video Files Ondertitel File
.sui Data Files StarSplatter User Interface File
.suit Font Files Macintosh Font Suitcase
.supp Apple Files iOS Application Archive File
.svd Audio Files Roland Patch File
.svf Vector Files Serial Vector Format File
.svg Vector Graphics Files Scalable Vector Graphics File
.svw Data Files SpecView File
.swc Development Files Flex-componenten Archief
.swf Digital Video Files Shockwave Flash Movie
.switch Audio Files Schakelaar Package
.swk Data Files File StudyWorks Save
.sxg Text Files Master Document
.sxi Data Files StarOffice Impress Presentatie
.sxt Audio Files Propellerhead Reason NN-XT Patch File
.sxw Text Files StarOffice Writer Document
.sy3 Data Files Harvard Graphics Symbol File
.sylk Data Files Microsoft Symbolische Link File
.sys Windows System Files Windows System File