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format file xyw

What is a xyw file and how do I open a xyw file?

The XYWrite for Windows application uses files with the XYW extension for its output files. This software is a word processing application that was developed to provide users of earlier Microsoft Windows Os versions a word processing application that can be used to create text documents in the XYW format. Developed by the Technology Group, the XYWriter for Windows application provides users with text formatting options such as a wide variety of font types to choose from, font styles and typefaces (bolded, italicized, underlined, etc.) and paragraph alignment (left aligned, right aligned, centered or justified) among other layout attributes that users can implement into their XYW documents. The XYWriter application was intended for users of Microsoft Windows 3.x and 4.x. Also in an XYW document, users can insert objects such as tables and charts, which are useful for document presentations and business materials. Images can also be embedded into an XYW document, and files saved in the .xyw format reference these images when the document is being viewed by a user. This means these XYW files conserve RAM and OS memory resources when in focus, because the images are not loaded unto the application itself but are instead referenced.

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XYWrite for Windows
Detail xyw file extension information:
File Type: xyw
File Format: XYWrite for Windows Document
Primary Association: Text Files