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What is a pages file and how do I open a pages file?

The Apple Pages program is used to create and modify files with the .pages extension. This software from Apple is a word processing application with many page layout features and formatting options, including most functionalities found in popular word processing programs like Microsoft Word and Adobe Acrobat X. This means users can develop PAGES files with simple blocks of text, diagrams and tables or even images and sections containing other digital data. Users can also develop .pages files from scratch as well as design .pages templates, so they can quickly and easily integrate the same page formatting attributes and formatting options in other PAGES documents. These .pages files offer Microsoft Windows users the ability to view these documents via a preview feature. This is because PAGES files include an optional PDF file that can be included by the user who created the PAGES files. A JPEG file is also included with each PAGES file and is archived in the standard ZIP format, allowing Microsoft Windows and Apple users alike with wider cross compatibility support for their word processing needs.

Mac OS
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Apple Pages
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Detail pages file extension information:
File Type: pages
File Format: Pages Document
Primary Association: Text Files