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format file bna

What is a bna file and how do I open a bna file?

A BNA file is text document made with the use of Barna. Barna is a Bangladesh Word Processing Program that utilizes the Bangla font and supports Bijoy, Munir and keyboard layouts. It was developed originally for DOS program and is no longer in existence. Today’s new version is called T-Bangla Word Processor. It has a Bangla editor in which users can write words in Bangla in UNICODE. Unicode is the accepted standard for text representation and is now used widely. Applications that use Unicode allow documents to be read by different people. It is also responsible particularly on the development of Bangla language web pages. There are various products which can be tapped and used to produce output for Bangla text on computer systems. These applications range from notepad editors to full word processors in different languages. Majority of these were intended for Windows Operating System and there are also products available for use in Linux.

Recommended bna file download:
Safe Works Barna
Detail bna file extension information:
File Type: bna
File Format: Barna Word Processor Document
Primary Association: Text Files
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