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format file frt

What is a frt file and how do I open a frt file?

The FRT file extension is used for a FoxPro Report Memo developed by Microsoft Corporation. It is identified with Visual FoxPro and includes textual note coming from a FoxPro database (.FRX file). Visual FoxPro is a programming language created by Microsoft. It is related to FoxPro and in 1994 was developed by Fox Software. The merging of Microsoft and Fox technologies has further allowed the software to get the added name “Visual.” FoxPro begun its roots in xBase languages, generic term for all languages derived from “dBase database formats and programming language”. These programs are also known as dBase clones which are based primarily on Ashton-Tates 1986 dBase III+ scripts. There were a number of software developers that tried to mimic dBase with its own established language and syntax. These developers were met wit lawsuits one after the other by dBase owner George Ashton and as a result changed the name of their software to xBase, known clones of dBase. .

Recommended frt file download:
Microsoft Visual FoxPro
Detail frt file extension information:
File Type: frt
File Format: FoxPro Report Memo
Primary Association: Text Files