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format file fdx

What is a fdx file and how do I open a fdx file?

The FDX file extension is identified with Final Draft Document and developed by Final Draft. Software used for scriptwriting, this file is normally in XML format. XML format is a markup language that encodes documents through a set of rules. It formats and enables the document to be machine and human readable. Usability and simplicity over the internet is the main focus of this format. FDX files can be viewed instantly by navigating to a created scene and scripts can be printed to cards (index) easily. Writing scripts demands concentration and more time spent with creativity. This consumes time and effort on the part of the writer. Final Draft has somehow made writing scripts easy and timely. Easy due to its software application feature like ready templates that can be worked on right away and timely due to computer generated voices that can be assigned to characters that are involved in the script.

Mac OS
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Final Draft
Final Draft
Detail fdx file extension information:
File Type: fdx
File Format: Final Draft Document
Primary Association: Text Files