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format file xyp

What is a xyp file and how do I open a xyp file?

XYP is the standard file format used by the XYWrite Plus application for its output files. The XYWrite Plus software is a word processing program developed by the Technology Group, which also means files with the .xyp extension are word documents that can have content with text formatting attributes and page layout elements among other digital objects like charts, images and tables inserted or embedded by users who created the XYP documents. Among these text formatting options provided by the XYWrite Plus application include bolded, underlined and italicized characters and symbols, the ability to select font types and font colors, resizing text and other objects embedded into the XYP document among others. The XYWrite Plus software must be available in a user's system to open and view the content of an XYP document using this word processing program, because most Microsoft Windows-based applications as of this writing, like the Corel WordPerfect Office X6 software, can only open and view the content of files saved in the .xy format using the XYWrite application (not XYWrite Plus) and documents in the XY3 format from XYWrite 3.

Recommended xyp file download:
XYWrite Plus
Detail xyp file extension information:
File Type: xyp
File Format: XYWrite Plus Document
Primary Association: Text Files