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format file xdl

What is a xdl file and how do I open a xdl file?

A file appended with the XDL extension is integrated with XML specifications that allow it to be used to define how an XML file's data is outlined or structured. The format of the XML file is also defined by these .xdl files. These XDL documents are also known as XML Schema files because of this, and developers of applications which make use of XML files and XML-based data integrate these XDL files into the program file structure of their application development projects. This is for their applications to quickly and easily locate the XDL files associated with the XML documents and specifications implemented by the features of their applications, and reference the data in those .xdl files. This quick and easy referencing process of these applications ensures that those XML-relevant features are provided to the user without issues. Many application developers who use XML documents for the help files of their applications also store these XDL files into the installation packages of their applications, so it can be stored in the same directory where the application will be installed. Any text editing application for Microsoft Windows-based systems or for Mac platforms can be used to open and view the content of these XDL files.

Mac OS
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View and edit with a text editor
View and edit with a text editor
Detail xdl file extension information:
File Type: xdl
File Format: XML Schema File
Primary Association: Text Files