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format file xbplate

What is a xbplate file and how do I open a xbplate file?

Users of the Xiosis Scribe word processing application can quickly and easily create documents appended with the .xbdoc extension with the same formatting options and page layout attributes implemented into previously developed word documents by using files in the .xbplate format. These XBPLATE files are also called Xiosis Scribe template documents, and these contain encoded data that can be referenced by the Xiosis Scribe word processing application in times when a user needs to apply the formatting and layout attributes stored in the template document associated to SBDOC files that were originally developed with the same attributes and layout elements. Users of Microsoft Windows Vista and 7 systems can store their XBPLATE documents in the C:UsersPublicDocumentsXiosisScribeTemplates directory so their .xbplate files will appear by default in the Desk view of the Xiosis Scribe word processing application window. Microsoft Windows XP users can on the other hand place their files with the .xbplate extension in the C:Documents and SettingsAll UsersDocumentsXiosisScribeTemplates directory. A .xbplate document template can only be created using a blank SBDOC project in Xiosis Scribe.

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Xiosis Scribe
Detail xbplate file extension information:
File Type: xbplate
File Format: Xiosis Scribe Template
Primary Association: Text Files