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format file wp

What is a wp file and how do I open a wp file?

Sharp Font Writer WP Utilities (FWWPUTILS) employs the file in the .wp format, as its default format, associated with files made by the Sharp Font Writer word processing machine. It is a Word processing document created by Corel WordPerfect, a popular word processor for Windows; may contain text, images, forms, and other data. WP files are most likely created by DOS or Windows 3.1 version of WordPerfect (such as versions 4.x or 5.x). Newer versions of the program save documents as .WPD files.To connect the file with .wp extension with its close relative application, the user needs to use the built-in file association of Windows, and select the option to utilize the same application in opening .wp file extension types. Once connected, the user can just click on a .wp file extension, and it can be automatically converted with just a double click of the mouse device. The file with WP extension is also produced by the application WordPerfect, another word processing program that is deployed on various system platforms. The WordPerfect creates the .wp file extension for DOS, which was later on changed to the WPD format that is currently used by newer version of the program.

Mac OS
Recommended wp file download:
Corel WordPerfect Office X7
Planamesa NeoOffice
Detail wp file extension information:
File Type: wp
File Format: WordPerfect Document
Primary Association: Text Files
Mime Type: application/wordperfect5.1