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format file vw

What is a vw file and how do I open a vw file?

Files with the .vw extension can be opened to view its content using the Corel WordPerfect Office X6 application. These VW files are text documents that may contain layout elements and text formatting attributes entered by the authors of the .vw text files. The Volkswriter program is a word processing application in the 1980s, and this software can be used to create documents and save it in the .vw format. The Volkswriter word processing program and its .vw output file format were developed to be compatible with IBM PCs. Lifetree Software is the developer of this software and the VW text document storage format. The page layout elements and text formatting options available in this word processing Software include a set of different fonts and typefaces like bolded,underlined or italicized characters and symbols among others. Special symbols and characters like parentheses, backslashes and percent symbols, along with mathematical operation symbols such as +, -, / and *y can also be used in the content of these VW files.

Recommended vw file download:
Corel WordPerfect Office X7
Detail vw file extension information:
File Type: vw
File Format: Volkswriter Text File
Primary Association: Text Files